Our Evaluation

Our commitment to strong advocacy and awareness for Colorado creative youth arts programs starts with the continued funding and implementation of a collaborative survey.

The evaluation survey we use was developed in part by the National Research Center (NRC) Youth Outcomes Tool Kit. It garners results from questions about our various creative youth development programs from the youth’s perspective, not our own, which lends itself to more validity.

The survey has been tested and found reliable among a wide range of youth: those living in both rural and urban areas, from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, and those of different ages.

The evaluation measures:

  • changes in youth behaviors;

  • attitudes and knowledge from their experiences with the programs; and

  • how the programs may have changed their lives

Evaluation results demonstrate that the goals and outcomes we have set for each program are being met comparatively year-over-year, thereby giving us meaningful data to share with our constituents on our successes, proving the work we are doing effectively impacts the youth we serve.

By aggregating our Alliance data, we harness the enormous power and influence of our programming and how we affect the greater youth population.

Lastly with these survey results, we can then document the impact these successful programs have on youth development, social justice and social change, resulting in safer, healthier, and more vibrant communities.